Farnham, Cavan,
Co. Cavan, Ireland.

Food Safety Induction Refresher Training

Level One – Induction Food Safety Skills

This training programme is based on the Food Safety Authority of Ireland’s (FSAI) Guide to Food Safety Training – Level 1: Induction Skills and has been designed to promote active learning and application of training in the work environment. It is designed to meet the minimum statutory requirements for food safety training for new staff. However it should be followed up with additional specific training for food handlers, supervisory/management staff as well as specific HACCP training for designated personnel with a responsibility in this area.

The target group for this training programme is all employees at induction level in all sectors of the food industry. Typically they will be new to their jobs and will include Irish nationals & non-nationals of all ages from a variety of backgrounds, as is typical of staff in the modern Irish foodservice industry.

The programme is divided into a number of modules and can be provided as a half day (four hour) session.

The programme takes an interactive approach, using group exercises and games, video extracts and trainee workbooks.
FSAI food safety skills competency checklists will be supplied as part of the programme; along with training records & matrices in the FSAI format.

Course Content:

Wearing of protective clothing Legal responsibilities
Hand washing Identifying food safety hazards
Personal hygiene Cross contamination
Reporting Illnesses Temperature Monitoring
Hygienic practices Checking Deliveries
Safe food handling Food Safety records
Staff Facilities Pests
Obeying Food Safety signs Waste disposal
Keeping work areas clean

Course Fees:
€350 per half day, plus € 5 per person for cost of materials, certificates etc. This includes all course handouts, workbooks and attendance certificates; as well as completed FSAI food hygiene training records. The course is currently exempt from VAT.

There is also an option for external certification from National Hygiene Partnership, at an additional fee of €15 per person.

Fees assume provision of a suitable training room & facilities by the client/host organisation at their own expense.

For further information please contact:

Brendon Goodrich
Goodrich Training
Co. Cavan
Tel: 049 4362904 or 087 2729918
Email: info@goodrich.ie