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Co. Cavan, Ireland.

NHP Management of Food Hygiene Programme

NHP Management of Food Hygiene Programme, The Essential Guide to HACCP Compliance
This course provides a solid understanding of food safety & hygiene, the practical skills to build or review your own food safety management system incorporating HACCP.
It is suitable for all supervisory and management staff involved in the management of food hygiene.
The programme is comprised of 21 hours tuition, 3 modules, generally delivered over 4 days including a 2 hour exam. The exam includes multiple choice questions and short written answers.
Each Course Participant will receive a copy of The Management of Food Hygiene textbook on commencement of the course. This textbook is designed to reflect the Module and Session content of the course as illustrated in the Table of Contents listed hereunder.

Module 1 Session 1

Session 2
Basic Microbiology, Food Poisoning & Food Borne Disease

Session 3
Personal Hygiene

Module 2 Session 1
Purchasing, Delivery and Storage

Session 2
Food Preparation and Cooking & Reheating

Session 3
Holding, Display, Service and Preservation

Session 4
Cleaning and Disinfection

Session 5
Food Safety Legislation

Session 6
Pest Control

Module 3 Session 1
Design and Construction of Food Premises and Equipment

Session 2
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

Session 3
Training Documentation and Records

A basic understanding of English is required and learners should have previously completed a basic food hygiene qualification, such as the EHAI Primary Food Safety certificate to FSAI Level 2.
Successful completion of the course provides the learner with the NHP Certificate Management of Food Hygiene and their name will be entered on The National register