Farnham, Cavan,
Co. Cavan, Ireland.

Outsourcing & Tenders

In today’s competitive business environment, organisations buy in resources rather than keep in house people on tap. Many businesses are contracting out their catering and other services, in order to concentrate on developing their core business.

With a proven track record in catering contract monitoring, Goodrich Training & Consultancy can assist such companies during the transition to contracted catering services. On an ongoing basis we make the catering contract work for our clients through the following services:

  • Outsourcing policy & methodology
  • This could include developing a suitable catering strategy, reviewing options & identifying suitable caterers
  • Specification, contract and tender documents
  • This includes the management of the full tender process or assistance at key stages.
  • Service Provider evaluation and selection
  • Transition management
  • Ensuring a smooth handover from in-house to contract caterer or between contract caterers
  • Contract monitoring & management
  • On going monitoring of your caterer’s operation to ensure compliance with specifications & contract, as well as checking that efficiencies are maintained.
  • Business review & process restructuring